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Credit card is the approriate solution in the globalized era. There are so many credit cards in Indonesia, thanks to that I can own a credit card which suits my needs best.
Iqbal Marlon, 25, Jakarta

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Several banks requires you to enclose a credit card bill copy regardless of the loan value you ask. Yet there are also banks that do not require you to enclose credit card bill copy until a certain loan value limit. Check the requirements at HaloMoney's personal loan comparison page!
Processing time for personal loan varies for each bank. On average, it takes 14 days from the application date until the loan is disbursed. However, several banks can process your loan only in 2-3 days. Other thing that affect processing time is historical credibility of debtors. If the debtors have previously taken a loan from a bank and repayed it on time, then the next time they look to borrow they may get approved faster.

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