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Personal Loan

The total amount of monthly interest we need to pay on your fixed installment loan can be calculated by multiplying loan value by total interest rates over loan periods (monthly interest rate times loan periods), then divided by the total loan period.

First is annual fee. Banks usually charge an annual fee for the first year and the following year. For the first year, bank will charge you a certain percent of fee from the total loan value upfront, and will be deducted from your loan value. The following years, bank will charge fixed annual fee, which must paid on the 13th of the month, the 25th, and so on.

Second is administration fee. Bank will charge this fee upfront, usually deducted from the initial loan value.

Third is loan disbursement transfer fee. Banks will charge this fee upfront, usually deducted from the initial loan value.

Fourth is late payment fee. Banks will charge you if you failed to pay the instalment until deadline.

Fifth, early repayment/cancellation fee. The bank will charge a certain percentage from the total loan value that has not yet been repaid. However, some loan providers may waive this fee. I negotiate for a lower interest rate?

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