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Credit Card
A credit card is a card-based payment tool, like a debit card. Credit cards are issued by providers, mostly banks, that are approved by Bank Indonesia. To apply for a credit card, you have to fill in registration form and provide required documents.
Credit History
This is the record of payments you have made and loans you took in the past. Credit card issuers would look at this data as a basis in determining how much of a risk they are taking in lending you money.
Interest Rates
When a cardholder doesn?t pay off the full sum on the monthly payment, an interest rate is charged to the outstanding balance. Interest rates differ from card to card.
Credit Score
This is an indicator of risk that is based on statistical validation determined by credit card providers and credit bureaus. Your credit score represents your entire credit history in one numeric measure.

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Credit card is the approriate solution in the globalized era. There are so many credit cards in Indonesia, thanks to that I can own a credit card which suits my needs best.
Iqbal Marlon, 25, Jakarta

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