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Iqbal Marlon, 25, Jakarta

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Credit Card FAQs

Cashback is a type of reward that credit card issuers offer. It lets you earn a percentage of the amount you spend using your credit card from regular purchases, or purchases from a specific merchant or establishment. These can be in the form of rebates, cash coupons, or a direct credit to your account?depending on your credit card provider. Some credit cards give out up to 5% cashback, and some offer the cashback as an incentive to cardholders to spend and use their credit cards more.
Whenever you spend money using your credit card, a cashback card will return a percentage of your spending at the end of the month?thus, known as the ?cashback? feature. The more you spend within your billing cycle, the bigger the cashback you receive. This cashback is either directly credited to your account as a rebate, or come in the form of cash vouchers you can claim from the bank. The amount of cashback you receive depends on your credit card provider. Some offer 2% cash back, and others offer up to 5% cashback on specific purchases, such as petrol or groceries.
Cashback cards work best if you repay your credit card dues in full every month! If you miss payments, you have to pay a late payment fee, plus other fees, charges, and increased interest that will be rendered moot when you receive your cashback. Thus, to enjoy the best out of your cashback cards, always pay your credit card bills in full and on time! Not only will you get to enjoy a great cashback reward, you?ll also be living debt free!

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