HaloMoney’s Personal Loan Providers

Find a low-interest, fast-approval cash loan!

HaloMoney has partnered with Indonesia’s biggest and best banks because we want you to get the best deals in personal loans. Our powerful tool lets you compare interest rates, fees, and cash back rewards. We also help you find the banks with the fastest approval process.

Here’s how we can help you:

Save money

  • >> Know exactly how much your personal loan will cost you. We list all the fees you have to pay, how much you have to pay every month, and how much your entire repayment amount will be. No more guesswork!
  • >> Know what rewards you can earn. Add value to your cash loan by knowing how much cash back you can get.

Save time and effort

  • >> Get all the information you need in one place — no need to look for details in banks’ websites one by one.
  • >> Apply directly through our website. Just click the orange "Apply" button, fill up the form, and click submit. You'll get a call from a friendly bank representative. No need to go lookin for the bank's website, and it won't cost you more.