What is HaloMoney

Our Mission

HaloMoney.co.id is the most progressive and complete comparison portal in Indonesia.

What we promise to our website users is straightforward and realistic: we will provide you the most resourceful and educational information about financial products, so you can spend your income in a wise and informed way.

At HaloMoney.co.id, you can compare a variety of financial products from some of the Indonesian top providers in just a few simple clicks. We’ll compare the best rates, which could help you save a lot.

By helping you to understand insurance, broadband, banking and loan products, we will empower you to improve your financial position and take more control over your financial well-being.

What We Do?

We are offering various comparison tools, and provide you quick and easy access to numerous financial products, tips on money savings, glossary, blogs about the latest financial news, and guides that will surely help you as our precious users to understand financial products and be financial-savvy.

We can help you compare mortgages, personal loan, and Home loans (KPR), so try HaloMoney.co.id easy comparison process and within minutes you can compare quotes that cover the things that are important to you.

And we do far more than this. We can help you compare such as credit cards that charge you nothing – that’s right, 0% interest. We offer comparison on a full range of credit cards – whether you are looking for rewards, cashback.

In addition to that, we will also gladly answer your questions with chat sessions that are directly connected to our financial experts.

You may also want to check out our FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) as it gives you answers to questions that are being frequently asked by your fellow users.

In short, we are helping you to explore new ways to spend your money and time wisely in the Indonesian market. HaloMoney strives to provide impartial, independent and FREE information so that you can choose a product that truly matches your individual needs.

Compare Asia Group

HaloMoney.co.id is part of Compare Asia Group, Asia’s leading financial comparison engine. Aside from Indonesia, Compare Asia Group has also launched comparison portals in Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Thailand, with plans to expand to more countries. The management team has extensive experience in building online businesses not just in Asia but around the world. Compare Asia Group is dedicated to empowering customers with accurate and unbiased information, to help them to make sound financial decisions.